Tamworth Market Traders

Dave PerryMarket Manager – Dave Perry

Every Tuesday and Saturday you will find Dave on Tamworth Market.  He has been Tamworth’s Market Manager for the past 10 years.

Well known and well liked by the Traders, Dave ensures that the market is up and running each and every market day.

Markets are well and truly in Dave’s blood as he started his working life as a market trader across the Midlands some 30+ years ago and has worked at some of the biggest and best including Bescot Stadium and the famous Bullring.

Be sure to say ‘hello’ when you see him next on the market.

Sharon and Darren Birch - Paw and Claw

Sharon and Darren have been trading on Tamworth Market for the last 23 years.

They have one of the largest stalls on Tamworth. 

Market and supply just about everything you would need for your pet from bedding, equipment, food and a whole host of tasty pet treats. Dog owners everywhere will be familiar with the unique smells of some of the special delicacies which get dogs dragging their owners to on market days.

They also stock a wide variety of wild bird food so you can even look after the fabulous birds in your garden.

Sharon and Darren are keen animal lovers and waiting for them at home on market days are 2 dogs, a cat and a huge aviary.

They are embedded in the Tamworth Market Community, in fact one of their regular customers today is the son of the very first customer they served all those years ago.

You will find Sharon and Darren on St Editha’s Square every Tuesday and Saturday where you will be guaranteed a very warm welcome.

Paul Bond - Bond Rugs

Paul has been trading on Tamworth Market for the last 34 years. 

At the age of 19 he started working with his Dad on the family stall at Bridgenorth Market, where Paul honed his craft and skills to become a Market Trader.

There is nothing much Paul doesn’t know about floor coverings. If you are looking for a door mat , a luxury rug for in front of the hearth, a runner for the hallway, something non-slip, you will find all manner of rugs, mats and floor coverings, every conceivable colour and every texture and all at a great price.

Paul’s journey started in Tamworth one early Tuesday February morning around 6am. He and his Dad were travelling to a market in Stockport, but the further north they went, sky was getting darker and snow was starting to fall. However, behind them the skies were blue and bright, so Paul’s Dad asked "Where is that place so’n’so trades from?", to which Paul replied “Tamworth!”. So at J17 Sandback, they turned around and started the 60 mile journey south and headed for Tamworth.

Upon arrival, outside the old Barclays Bank on St Editha’s Square, they were met by the Market Manager. Paul and his Dad said they were looking for a pitch to trade, and they were directed to the corner of St Editha’s Square where Paul has traded from every Tuesday ever since.

All regulars to Tamworth Market will know Paul does not work alone, his trusty companion, Beau, is by his side and has been for the past 7 years. Beau is a beautiful black cocker spaniel who is only to happy to welcome every customer to the stall. On a warm sunny day, you will find Beau having 40 winks on a soft woolly rug and usually at home time, she gets a special treat, a yummy chicken foot from the Pet Stall opposite as a reward for all that tail wagging, working on the market.


Michael Clements – Tamworth Donut Man

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Michael has been working on Tamworth Market for the past 13 years.  He started trading on 1 April 2011, the very same day LSD Promotions took over the management of the market from Tamworth Borough Council, although he was the very last trader to agree his pitch with the council as he took over from the previous stall holder, who had decided to retire.

Michael, a Tamworth man, born and bred, jumped in with both feet and honed his craft in just one weekend in order to be ready to trade.

Every Tuesday and Saturday, you are drawn by the unique aroma wafting along George Street, there is no mistaking the smell of freshly prepared donuts, you can taste them before you have had your first bite.

Michael’s new larger vehicle also offers a great range of coffees and for the younger customer, a fabulous selection of slushs.

Michael also trades as a Street Trader in his usual spot on both Thursdays and Fridays.

tim bagnall

Tim Bagnall – Hungry Dragon Noodle Bar

Tim has been working Tamworth Market for the past 27 years. Tim is 2nd generation, his Dad was 1st generation who started on the market some 50 years ago. Today Tim’s niece can be found working with him, 3rd generation on Tamworth Market.

Tim provides a delicious array of oriental noodles, steaming hot and filling on a cold day and a great alternative to a sandwich for lunch.

Of course, there are the favourites and if a burger is your choice, then you could build a mountain of a burger all topped with cheese and bacon surrounded by a huge bun, Mmmm.

Tim can be found Tuesday and Saturday on the corner of the Halifax, the sights, sounds and smells are a treat for the senses before you’ve taken your first bite.

To wind down, Tim dons his camouflage ghillie suit and immerses himself in Airsoft, paintball without the paint.  He is also an ace on the golf course with a single figure handicap.

Jonny NichollsJonny Nicholls - Towel Man

Jonny is recently new to Tamworth market having only traded in Tamworth a couple of months but he has been a market trader for the last 6 years selling an immense selection of all things towelling such as beach towels, themed towels and ponchos.

His biggest business advisor is his daughter who suggested her Dad should stock ‘Stitch’ products and of course, she was right, it is one of his biggest sellers.

Customers getting ready for the summer vacation season can purchase that holiday essential and in their favourite design whether that be the latest TV character, favourite football team or just a great seasonal design.

You can find Jonny on the market in George Street, every Saturday.

AdamAdam Pickerill – Plant stall

Adam has been selling his huge array of plants on Tamworth Market since 2013.  He travels from the family business in Shrewsbury, Homedene Farm Nurseries to be in Tamworth every Tuesday and Saturday in George Street.

With over 40 years of experience in horticulture, you will be assured of the very best plants all year round as they are all home grown at the family nurseries.

When you visit Adam’s stall you will see a collection tin on the stand for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice where Adam’s twin boys sadly lost their lives, aged two and half, with an extremely rare genetic disorder - NNROS (Negative Regulator of Reactive Oxygen Species).  Adam continues to help raise awareness of NNROS and funds for the hospice.

Rosie and teddy the dogRosie Downes – Net Curtains

Rosie has been selling her vast selection of net curtains on Tamworth Market since 2015 and trades as Rosies Net Curtains.

Net curtains have been around for many years and are now more popular than ever.

They come in many designs and materials and can give that extra touch of elegance to any home. These delicate window dressings have become a staple in contemporary interior designs, serving as chic alternatives to conventional blinds or heavier drapes which provide privacy and are great at keeping the insects out in the warmer weather.

Rosie isn’t alone on her stall, she has her trusted companion Teddy with her, who at 11 years of age has recently undergone eye surgery.

You can find both Rosie and Teddy on Tamworth Market every Tuesday in George Street.

Bob and Lilly the dogBob Hazelton – Sunglasses

Bob has been trading on markets since the ‘90’s selling a variety of goods but for the last 7 years he has been selling sunglasses on Tamworth Market.

Market trading runs through his veins, so much so, he has the ringtone from ‘Only Fools’ on his phone.

Today, he has the largest array of quality branded sunglasses and as well as his regular pitch on Tamworth Market in George Street every Tuesday and Saturday, Bob also attends some of the UK’s largest events where he has sold his sunglasses to the rich and famous – Richard Madeley knows him as ‘Mr Foster Grants’ and Alan Titchmarsh has dug many a flower bed in his sunglasses.

Bob also has a regular companion on his pitch, Lilly, his beautiful golden cockerspaniel.

fresh breadGayton's Bakery                                                  
Gayton's Facebook / website: www.gaytons.co.uk

Gayton’s Bakery has been trading on Tamworth Market for the past 6 years, although Gayton’s Bakery has been supplying Tamworth businesses with their delicious variety of breads and bakes for many years. 

Gayton’s used to supply a trader in Tamworth’s ‘indoor market’ for many years, located just off St Editha’s Square, until the business sadly ceased.  It was at this point Gayton’s decided to have their own stall on Tamworth Market, which takes place every Tuesday and Saturday on St Editha’s Square.

Gayton’s Bakery started during World War I and is still very much a family run business today with the 4th generation now picking up the mantle, the business located just a few miles up the road from Tamworth in Baddesley Ensor.

The range of baked products now on offer and the growing footfall to the market, means Gaytons has had to double their stock on a Saturday.

There is all manner of breads from Cottage Loaves, Cobs, Tinned, rolls, wholemeal, white, sliced, uncut, the list is endless but a particular favourite is anything crusty, Gayton’s crust is superb.

So delicious are the breads and cakes, never leave it too late to visit if you have your mind set on something particular as demand is high.


Tristan Stoker – Quilts, blankets and pillows

Tristan is 2nd generation of his family trading on Tamworth Market.

He sells a huge selection of quilts and pillows and has been trading on the market for the last 40 years.

His Dad used to sell net curtains and Tristan would accompany him on a Tuesday to help out.

Tristan says having the right pillow is the key to good health.  It reduces pressure on your hips, shoulders, neck and back resulting in better quality sleep, ultimately improving your health.

If your pillows are old and impeding your sleep, visit Tristan on Tamworth Market and start each day after a good nights sleep.  You can also pick up a new quilt at the same time, you don’t have to suffer that 13.0 tog in the warmer weather.

HarleyHarley Hughes – Interlocking brick characters and plastic shoe charms

Harley is new to Tamworth Market and brings his extremely large selection of Interlocking brick characters and Plastic Shoe Charms to Tamworth.

Since the 1950’s Plastic interlocking bricks have become a firm favourite with most children and can be found in most homes and in recent years have incorporated many characters from films, books and TV.

Harley also stocks a large supply of Plastic Shoe Charms which have become extremely popular in recent years.  If you are a wearer of the plastic leisure shoe, then you will know what these are and will probably have your favourite character already attached on your footwear.

Harley can be found on Tamworth Market on a Saturday, in the middle of George Street most Saturdays from August to April.

butcherThorne Butchers

Every Saturday on Tamworth Market be sure to visit Thorne Butchers located on the market square for a superb selection of fresh meat and all prepared by your local friendly butcher.