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Wigginton Park Tree Trail

Discover Wigginton Park’s Tree Trail

The Wigginton Park Tree Trail leads you through the park to learn more about the 9 coniferous and broadleaved trees on the trail.  You can download and print off at home a tree trail leaflet and and cover which are listed below.
Each tree has a post with an embossed leaf shape on top to create your own brass rubbing and then make your own book using the printed leaflet.
Each tree also has its own story, developed as part of the project with local community groups, as listed below. 

foxLocal groups involved in the project:

1. Holm Oak - Stonydelph Community Café
2. Ash - Coton Green Primary School
3. Horse Chestnut - Birds Bush Primary School
4. Oak (Burnt Oak) - Flaxhill Primary School
5. Beech (Graffiti Tree) - Tamworth Rangers
6. Elm Avenue - Coton Green Pre-school
7. Scots Pine - Tamworth Guides
8. Giant Sequoia - Dosthill Rainbows and Brownies

Stories written, devised and developed by Mal Dewhirst and Christine Genders

Wigginton Park Tree Trail

Downloads to print at home (these can also be printed in black and white if you want to save on ink)

Tree Trail Cover

Tree Trail Inside Pages

Tree Trail stories
1. Poppyholly and the Christmas Tree
2. Tomax Dances
3. Chester Barky
4. Bok the Oakman
5. The Graffiti Tree
6. Woody Barker
7. Here be treasure
8. The day the storm came